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 Our Two Flagship Programs

The Happiness Program

In this course you will learn to master several practical and powerful tools that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Graduates can also attend weekly follow up sessions.

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Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

Meditation has been prescribed throughout the ages for developing a centered, creative, calm, and peaceful mind. Modern research is showing amazing health benefits too.

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Art of Living Foundation SJ CenterAbout the South Jersey Center

The Art of Living Foundation’s South Jersey Center offers a variety of programs to the community, including personal and group instruction in yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. The center features a large meeting hall accommodating over 40 people, which is used for knowledge programs, lectures and community events. To learn more about programs offered at the SJ center visit our calendar for upcoming programs and courses.

About the Art of Living Foundation

Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Art of Living Foundation is a not-for-profit, educational and humanitarian NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) engaged in stress-management, community development, and service initiatives. The organization operates globally in 151 countries.

The organization’s programs are guided by Sri Sri’s philosophy of peace: “Unless we have a stress-free mind and a violence-free society, we cannot achieve world Peace.”  To help individuals learn stress management techniques and experience inner peace, The Art of Living Foundation Los Angeles offers stress-elimination tips, which include breathing techniques, meditation and yoga. These programs have helped millions around the world with anxiety relief, and to overcome stress, depression and violent tendencies.

The Art of Living Foundation Los Angeles has spread peace across communities through diverse humanitarian projects, including conflict resolution,  disaster relief, sustainable rural development, empowerment of women, prisoner rehabilitation, education for all, and environmental sustainability.

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